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Let's know what Keto Diet is and how does it work?

Benefits of Keto Diet

Why choose Ketorigin?

We believe in combining our customers’ wishful desires with a highly effective, easy to follow meal plan, which is explicitly personalized according to their health goals and taste palette. Ketorigin understands that there is no accounting for taste, and that’s why we strive towards providing a deliciously wholesome diet experience to all our customers.


We have over 85,000 happy customers, our very own family of goal getters who surpassed the bulk barrier and outperformed every difficulty. We offer you a chance to embark on this life changing journey with Keto. Join us today and be the change you want to see in yourself.


We don’t think it’s necessary to make compromises on taste and flavorsome meals to lose weight. With our personalized meal plan you will never have to undermine your food cravings and taste experience. We believe in giving our customer a complete wholesome experience of good taste and better health.


Our personalized meat plan is simple to understand and implement. The meal plan does not pose any complex hurdles of impossible to follow dieting plans for the user. Losing weight with Keto Origin is as simple as A-B-C.

KETO is for everyone

Millions of people worldwide has adopted the keto lifestyle. A fit and healthy lifestyle is a gift that you give yourself today for a better future. So, don’t be afraid of the keto diet, join in today and strive towards a better you.

* Results depend on individuals. So, we recommend you a healthy and sustainable Keto weight loss diet plan i.e. around 12-15 kilos in 3 months and it lasts longer than other unhealthy ways.

Here is how Ketorigin Meal Plan works

Testimonials from Users

Amelie De Bosere

Hey! I was so sick of eating only eggs in breakfast as I was asked for the same if I need to lose weight. But, now I’m thankful to this keto meal plan for its rich in multiple ingredients and taste recipes which don’t let me lose interest in the diet regime. My weight loss journey is on and for now, I’ve something to tell, I’ve lost 16 lbs in 2 months. Woohoo!


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Axel Green

I did the thirty days plan three times…
I did the thirty days plan three times and so far I dropped 40 lbs, never felt better in my life! Also sex is back in the menu, if you know what I mean!


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Martin Beers

I only started this less than a week…
I only started this less than a week ago. But so far, the recipes have been delicious. I like that they have weekly shopping list and a support group to encourage you. Thank you.


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Jill T

Excellent results
I tried the 28 days plan and was amazed at how well I adapted to it considering I tend to follow a plant based/ carbs diet. Had excellent results in this short period with relatively no adverse withdrawal symptoms.


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Disclaimer: Results are subject to individuals so it may vary.

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